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This is the route so far. Click the link under the map to open it in GoogleMaps if you want to see a list of all the cities. To avoid confusion, we plan on riding East to West, but GoogleMaps’ biker icon only likes to ride East. The green bikes represent cities along the route that we already have detailed maps for and the question marks are for other stops we’re contemplating.

If you know of any good sights, sounds, festivals, splendid or dismal works of architecture, good bars, trails or friends along the way leave a comment and we’ll keep refining our route until we leave. Don’t hesitate to mention things over 100 miles from what we’ve planned so far. We’re planning on riding 100 miles a day anyway.

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Comment by Amelia

Just thought I’d recommend Vail, Colorado – it’s really a beautiful area, and the mountains have some really nice hiking and biking trails.
Sounds like an awesome time, have all kinds of fun. 🙂

Comment by Ashley

This will be a more helpful post. My g-parents live in Wickenburg, AZ. The best burger I ever had was at Screamers (and the best pineapple milkshake). There’s also a sweet hike that you could do up Vulture Peak, which is very close to the center of town.
If you wanted a shower and place to stay in DE, you know my folks would put you up.
Also, if you end up doing the leg to Seattle, I know some places along the coast of Oregon around Bandon and Coos Bay. Nathan took me to a great swimming hole that was bordered by a huge sand dune. Spectacular views. There are some cool beaches around Bandon as well.
xo. safe journey!

Comment by Amelia

Get a copy of Blue Highways: Journey into America by William Least Heat Moon. A “blue highway” is the color of the line on the map that represents a back road. See if your map overlaps with his map and write a sequel? You can find his map here:

Comment by Connie

Connie, Wow… good resource. It looks like a good bit of his map will be useful. Thanks!

Comment by trailmonkey

Sounds as though you are cruising along! What an awesome adventure. When you get to Arizon check out Petroglyph Nat’l Monument AZ, Canyon de Chelly AZ, & Monument Valley AZ ,in New Mexico check out El Morro Nat’l Monument, Bandolier Nat’l Monument, Acoma Pueblo, NM,and the Mission Church at Zuni Pueblo off Rt. 53. NM. The church is a must see!! Anywhere you travel in the Southwest is an incredible experience and the Native people you meet will be warm and friendly. Try and get to the Four Corners region where Utah, Colorado, AZ & NM come together. Wish you a happy and safe trip. Enjoy! Tina

Comment by Tina Sirico

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