Radar Drop

Bain Bike


Now that is what a loaded Surly Long Haul Trucker looks like.
Check out http://www.surlybikes.com/lht_comp.html for the full list of components.
Don’t be fooled by the old school chrome on blue, this is the quintessential touring rig.
It even came with tabs on her chainstay to mount two extra spare spokes.


The Surly Nice racks are some of the toughest and can hold up to 80lbs on the rear and 70lbs on the front,

though the Ortliebs are packing in just over 40 on the front and rear.

More on this rig soon….


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He rides a Long Haul Trucker and listens to Drive By Truckers.

Comment by trailmonkey

Hi John: Just wanted to say hello and tell you how great it has been to watch your progress on the “big trip.” We are looking forward to the continued updates and to hearing about it first-hand when you come home.

Have fun, Vincent’s Mom

Comment by Vincent's Mom

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