Radar Drop

Radar Drop
July 17, 2008, 2:51 am
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We put this site together to give you a look at our journey before we drop off the radar. We’re planning three legs: Fairfield Beach CT to Imperial Beach CA, Imperial Beach to Seattle WA and Seattle back through the Northern states. The plan is to bike the first two legs, work for a week or two and rent a car to drive back. (Mainly so we can say high to Amelia and friends in Chicago) Before we leave, we’ll put as much info about our route, bikes, gear and ambitions up here as possible. After we get back, hopefully this will turn into a good place for some bicycle touring advice/inspiration. Oh, speaking of inspiration… good luck Pete with the NYC to Canada pedal!

The other reason for this site is that we were wondering if you all could help us with some good ol’ crowd sourcing. We put together a map (see the MAP!!! page) and could use some advice on things to see, places to be and sounds to listen to.

The first leg is the most, well, its about 3,900 miles with ~600 of those being off-road through some mountains near Pueblo Colorado down to around Silver City New Mexico. What you’ll see is mapped out at a “City to City” resolution. Don’t worry though, the ever amazing cartographers over at AdventureCycling.org have provided us with street by street, bike shop by post office, large tree by funny looking rock directions. Please email us or post comments with any destinations you might know about and we’ll see how far we can stray before we get lost…


Vincent & John



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They made it to Brooklyn!

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